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Choosing The Right Nail Polish Shades This Spring

Choosing The Right Nail Polish Shades This Spring

The colour you paint your nails can make all the difference to your mood and to your outfit. Now that spring is finally upon us, choose the right shades that are not only in this season but will match your spring wardrobe.

Here are the top five colours we’re loving this spring:

  1. Red. Not traditionally a spring colour, red is making an appearance this year. Choose a bright, cheerful red – think apples and cherries. Wear with denim for the ultimate spring look.
  1. Watermelon. Hot pink often makes the rounds when it comes to nail polish and this spring we’re so excited to see that watermelon is one of the season’s hot colours. Watermelon is the perfect accompaniment to a range of outfits and will look stunning with those floral spring dresses you’ve been hanging out to wear.
  1. Yellow. If there’s any colour to get you in the mood and excited for spring, it’s bright yellow. The colour of sunshine and sunflowers and pineapples, bright yellow nail polish is bound to bring joy and a smile to your face this spring. You’ll be on the edge of your seat waiting for summer.

What nail polish colours are you loving this spring?

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