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How To Do Valentine’s Day Alone

It’s almost here. Your most hated day of the year. But just because you’re alone on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean it needs to be the worst day of your life. Here’s how to turn Valentine’s Day into a day that’s as good as any other.

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Living Room Style

Out of all the rooms in your house, you’re most likely to spend the most time in your living room. It’s also the room you’re going to be entertaining guests in. It makes sense, then, that you want this room to be one of the most beautiful, relaxing rooms in your home.

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The Benefits Of a Green Smoothie

It seems as though green smoothies have become completely unavoidable. Everywhere you turn someone is drinking a green smoothie, making a green smoothie or talking about green smoothies. Filled with green ingredients – think spinach, kale, rocket and avocado – green smoothies have taken over the world.

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Smoothie Inspiration

Smoothies are a delicious way to consume a whole bunch of nutrients with very little effort. When made well and filled with the right ingredients, smoothies are healthy and packed with nutrients.

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