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Smoothie Inspiration

Smoothie Inspiration

Smoothies are a delicious way to consume a whole bunch of nutrients with very little effort. When made well and filled with the right ingredients, smoothies are healthy and packed with nutrients.

All you need to make delicious smoothies is a blender and some fresh ingredients. We recommend starting with a base of milk and plain Greek-style yogurt and adding in fresh fruit. Alternatively, you could use coconut milk or coconut water as your base. Avoid adding in sugar and using sugary yogurt. If you’re worried about sweetness, use honey to add sweetness naturally. For extra fibre and nutrients add in grains or chia seeds.

Here are our current favourite smoothie combinations:

  1. Summer fruit smoothie. Think: mangoes, nectarines and peaches. So sweet and so delicious. This is the perfect summer smoothie.
  1. Berry smoothie. This is another scrumptious smoothie. Throw in as many different berries as you can get your hands on and this smoothie will go down a treat.
  1. Green smoothie. There’s no denying that green smoothies have taken over the world. While they might not look that appealing, we can confirm that they taste a lot better than they look.
  1. Banana smoothie. Banana smoothies are a classic and definitely hard to beat. Bananas are the perfect accompaniment to Greek yogurt and a dollop of honey.

What’s your favourite smoothie flavour?

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